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Fix the World Morocco Project (or FTW) products are all made by hand by an American team and ship world wide from Morocco. 
Orgonite devices are made from a composite of shungite, steel, iron oxide & brass powders encased in an epoxy resin. As the resin cures it creates compression & a piezoelectric effect that emits a field of coherent, clean, human-friendly energy called orgone.
Orgone energy was discovered and studied by late scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957).  When used in your environment, FTW Orgonite products transform harmful frequencies (EMFs) emitted by 5G, cell phones, Wi-Fi, and electronic devices, into harmonic, coherent energy by creating changes in the field of the local environment itself.
FTW pyramids.png
 Shungite Orgone Tile Moroccan Set of 5 - FIX THE WORLD PROJECT MOROCCO.png
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