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Beyond EMF Protection: Introducing Stargate Russian Style Pyramids

The benefit of EMF mitigation is only one of the Pyramid's many beneficial applications. Pyramids are passive negative ionizers and free energy devices. Below we offer a modest summary of the uses and effects of pyramids as described in the Russian Pyramid Studies' discoveries in the late 1990's and early 2000's.

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The Russian Pyramid studies, conducted after the fall of the Soviet Union discovered unprecedented benefits and remedial applications of pyramids.

Russian Pyramid Studies

In the late '90s a pyramid research project was conducted in Russia by teams of Russian and Ukranian military, geological, medical and behavioral scientists and led by Dr. Alexander Golod a scientist and former defense contractor.

Dr. Golod and his team explored the effects and benefits of pyramids and the ways they could be utilized for the benefit humanity and the environment. Testing was conducted, exploring the applications of pyramid torsion effects in the domains of health (physical and behavioral), environmental remediation, (such as EMF neutralization) and agriculture. The project involved construction of over 50 pyramids throughout Russia and the Ukraine.The Russian Geometry Pyramid project represents the most extensive, scientific attention given to the function of a pyramid in modern times.

Studies were conducted in health, behavioral and environmental applications .

The staggering results included the following:

In Heath:

  • heightened immunity

  • increase platelet count

  • promote faster healing in hospitals

  • improve thymus function and regulation

  • reduce stress in lab mice

  • reduce cancer and infectious diseases

  • improve lymphocyte proliferation and longevity

  • provide antiviral effect

  • reduce infant mortality

  • improve athletic performance

  • drastically improve behavior in prisoners.

In Environment:

  • to regenerate extinct plant species

  • purify contaminated water

  • create far reaching energy field

  • diminish earthquake and severe weather risk

  • reduce airborne environmental poising

  • improve protective ozone layer

  • increase wheat production

In Materials:

  • changes structure of steel

  • changes electrical resistance of materials

  • distribute electrical charges more evenly

  • pyramid water does not freeze until disturbed

  • visible rings form in rocks in pyramid

  • generates electricity

  • increase oil well production

For more detailed information on this fascinating study click here:

Research is still going on, and a proposed 100 meter pyramid is planned for construction near Moscow. These pyramids have been researched using strict scientific protocols and have been rigorously tested. The materials were meticulously chosen for their capacity to provide the most favorable outcome for humanity and nature.

Check out this 5 minute video featuring the Russian Pyramid study:

“The field structure of any object, be it a mineral, a solution, cellular tissue, or a living creature, undergoes major changes in the area of impact of the pyramid. These structures, as it were, become ordered, optimal and  harmonious. In this zone, ordinary thought, thought forms, simple wishes become part of the field structure, which increases the probability of events initiated in the pyramid field by this thought by many orders of magnitude. The power and strength of field structures ordered in this way increases dramatically as all components are in resonance with the shape of the pyramids, which is the state of Harmony.”

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The torsion field geometry of Russian-style Pyramids has been shown to be remedial for:

  • Physiological and psychological problems, including addictions

  • Infectious Diseases

  • Energy production on collective level, including the replacement of hydrocarbons, nuclear and hydro resource

  • Remediation in protecting the biosphere from all sorts of pathogenic radiation (electromagnetic, acoustic, radiation) including from radiation of mobile communications

  • Remediation of nuclear, bacteriological, and chemical wastes

Check out this interview (video below) with the founder of Stargate Pyramids to learn more about the amazing benefits of Pyramids.

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