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Buyer's Guide Top Reviews: Orgone Energy Generator Plate - EMF Protection & Structured Water Maker

Orgonite Water Charging Plate - Positive Energy Generator with Flower or Life and 7 Healing Crystals

4.8 out of 5 stars

Over 100 reviews

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Fits in the palm of your hand, perfect for use as a coaster to structure / charge your water or drinks. Also works as an EMF protection device if placed near your computer or other electronics. Place under your pillow for for enhanced sleep.

Hand made in India using cast resin, metals and 7 healing chakra stones: amethyst, lapis lazuli, turquoise, green aventurine, citrine, red carnelian and red jasper.

Orgonite creates a piezoelectric vortex effect to energize food and beverages as well as correct incoherent EMFs such as those from cellphones, computers and electronics.

Use to restore balance to the energies in your environment.

Top review comments include:

"Love love love my new charging plate. Seriously crazy ascension lately

Sleep has been uncomfortable mentally, disorganization going on If you will.... last night was amazing sleep. Feeling more grounded all around already. Ps the water tastes so different after being on the plate a bit!"

Another reviewer comments on the change in the taste of her water and how beautiful it is.

Makes a perfect gift...."mom loved it!"

A different reviewer reported using it as radiation protection when he needed Xrays on his spine and shared that the lasers "hurt like hell". He used the charge plate as a protective device and reported rapid easing of his pain. He comments these are "the next best thing to earthing" and would highly recommend them.

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