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Do EMF Protection Stickers Really Work?

EMF protection stickers, also known as "neutralizers" have been debunked by many people, yet are among the most popular and highly rated products. Let's take a look at some of the best selling products and hear from the manufacturers about what their products do and how they work.

Featured below are products that come with videos demonstrating the stickers efficacy in real time.

1.EMF Pro Radiation Protection Phone Stickers – Shungite EMF Protection Stickers

This sticker is made from 100% natural certificated shungite mineral powder. Shungite is a known neutralizer of EMFs and other forms of toxicity. It is mineral found in the Karelia region of Russia an contains a specialized type of carbon. It as been used by locals for centuries in folk remedies. One tradition is to keep a small piece of shungite in drinking water to purify it.

"Peter the Great set up Russia's first spa in Karelia to make use of the water purifying properties of shungite, which he had himself experienced. The anti-bacterial properties of shungite have been confirmed by modern testing". Wikipedia

The manufacturer promotes their product as able to "absorb, transfer, and eliminate threatening EMF waves and electronic pollution up to 97.7%"

They do share a series of demonstration videos on their product page, one of which can be watched here.

2.Yuekai Sticker:

Yuekai claims its EMF sticker is better because it is substantially larger than most other

sticker type EMF protectors, and they might just have a good point. Many of the other brands do mention that you may have to use more than one per device in order to have protection. Yuekai's size approaches the size of the average cell phone, so this one might be a good choice.

As far as I can tell, the manufacturer claims the product works by generating negative ions which have been shown to "produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime power." They claim you will feel less fatigue, stress and stamina and they also provide a 30 second demo video of their product in action here.

Yuekai says their product is especially designed for 5G and offers 99.9% protection.

3.Dr. Valerie Nelson's Neutralizer:

In the description of this product, Dr. Nelson explains how neutralizers actually work. " A

neutralizer does not "block" EMFs," she states, "If that were the case, the device would not work, and that it is a misconception to think neutralizers will change EMF meters." She makes the point that there is no device that can measure "blocked" EMFs vs. "neutralized" EMFs. She says that testing your device with an EMF meter will not show a reduction in EMFs because the neutralizer is working to modify the field and not to block radiation.

However, in the video below we can clearly see how a Voltage Meter responds to the cellphone before and after the sticker is introduced.

Neutralizers work by phase shifting the incoherent frequencies of the device and re-tuning them into life supporting frequencies which do not harm organic life forms. She recommends testing yourself using applied kineisiology (muscle testing) to obtain confirmation if needed.

The video below clearly shows how voltage meter reacts when a neutralizer is introduced to the proximity of a cellphone.The sticker seems to be doing something!

Her product is one of the top rated products of this type.

Here is a one minute video demonstrating Dr. Valerie Nelson's EMF neuturalizers.

Valerie Nelson Video

4.Revival 5G Shield EMF Protection Stickers and Radiation Blocker for Cell Phone with shungite and Faraday Fabric for Radiation Protection

Here we have a sticker type product which actually claims it's a "shield" not a neutralizer. The manufacturer claims this shield provides powerful protection against even 5G radiation up to 93.3%. The shields are made from "21 minerals" and Shungite to "ensure effectiveness." This product has been tested in the USA.

The product comes with several videos, but none with a live test.

5.Vortex Bio-shield

Another sticker type EMF protection tool, is the Vortex Bio-shield. This product claims to "negate" or "block" harmful EMF radiation. It is made from a proprietary mixture of crystals and minerals which block radiation. The company claims the product will increase your aura and that reviewers who are sensitive noted a "bubble" around their phone after placing the sticker. The sticker is large as well as has more depth than most of the other sticker type tools, which would support its blocking claims due to extra quantity and surface area of protective material. Manufacturer also claims the design will protect your phone if you drop it. It can also be removed and re-affixed to a new device if you change phones.

Will not affect the reception of the phone, can also be used on tablets, laptops etc.

Below is a video featuring reviews and product description.

Vortex Bio-shield Video


Not all sticker types are created equally nor do they claim to be using the same strategy from protecting you from EMFs. In the products above, we've seen products which "neutralize," "convert," "negate," "absorb," "purify," and "block".

At the end of of the day, we do need to consider that EMFs are invisible but can be felt and sensed by the human nervous system. They are known by their effects, most of which are negative and draining. Could it be that the remedy will also be known and confirmed by its effects?

Since the cellphone is perhaps the most ubiquitous AND potentially harmful of all of our devices, my personal opinion is that it is worth it to have some type of EMF protection on your phone. Whether it is a neutralizer, purifier, blocker, absorber, shield or negator, will be up to you!

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