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Electrical Hygiene Tips: How to Care for your Aura so it can Naturally Expand and Grow

A coherent (i.e. ordered) bio-field is one which is capable of holding more charge, quite literally, "personal power." The cultivation of your aura (or charge capacitance) is essentially the gift that keeps on giving. What would / could you do with more energy? You might experience more clarity of thought, more creativity, more pure physical energy and of course, greater levels of natural immunity /resistance.

Like all living things, if our aura is to grow and flourish there are certain required conditions as well as a list of things to avoid.

Dan Winter, (physicist, scientist, inventor, electrical engineer and modern day "Merlin" describes the aura as a...."longitudinal coherent bubble around the body. Stillness, or meditation cause the aura to compress and implode. This constitutes the experience of Bliss."

In this post we'll look at some practical suggestions for "electrical Hygeine," that can help you nurture the growth of your aura (plasma bio-field) as well as tips to avoid or reduce the draining influences of electrosmog.

Our aura, is essentially our first line of defense against outer, invading influences, be they virus or bacteria, parasites or even parasitic people or entities. The concept of "personal space" is fairly well known, as are the draining effects of certain people, interactions, places and events. If you find yourself regularly being aware of when you "feel drained," you are already showing a higher than normal sensitivity to subtle influences and already tuned in to your field. The truth is, we don't stop (or start) at our skin. An increasing number of people today possess such heightened levels of sensitivity such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, that these individuals are classified as having full blown ESP or extra-sensory perception.

Even if we personally are not at that degree of sensitivity, there are infinite in-between stages and many of us can tell when we enter a room buzzing with electrosmog. Our cells feel it. We don't need an EMF meter to "prove" there are artificial, electromagnetic interference signals in the room and that the air is dead.

So, how can we cultivate the the full potential of our auric fields including enhanced immunity and increased energy?

According to Dan Winter , in order to flourish a human requires "fractal" air. (i.e.

nature). Fractal means forms (be they atomic, molecular or galactic) which are self-similar regardless of the scale of size. (Consider galaxies, seashells, and DNA).

Part of the problem of living in electro-smog filled environments is that the airwaves are filled with frequencies which shatter, disrupt or interrupt the coherent fractality of natural air, such as air found out in the country side or mountains or by the beach.

As we begin to raise our awareness regarding our electrical hygiene, Dan suggests to

view ourselves from the point of view of an electrical engineer and start asking questions like:

  • What will increase my capacitance and coherence?

In more practical language that translates to:

  • Where can I experience truly pure, fresh air?

  • What activities and environments allow my aura to expand and breathe?

  • What places or activities or ways of being allow me to feel blissful?

Conversely, we can become aware of the opposite:

  • Where and with who do I feel suffocated? Stifled?

  • What really leaves me feeling drained?

  • What are the things / events in my life I feel I actually have to recover from

At this point we can introduce the concept of "sacred space".

While it's true that some churches and temples are indeed sacred space, just because the building bears that name does not necessarily make it so. Also, many key locations on Earth which make no claims are sacred due to their location and unique environmental, magnetic and atmospheric qualities.

Sacred space can be defined as an atmosphere where the air is fractal, charged, rich in negative ions and is "negentropic" or charge implosive. Locations on Earth where geo-magnetic lines cross, forming a node are considered such sites.

These are locations that are truly healing, and just by spending time there can be restorative to mind, body and emotion. Sacred space, in essence is defined by its quality of being "plasma projective," that is, having an abundance of it's own self-generating charge capacitance, naturally overflows and is shared with all who enter.

Bosnian pyramid at left, noted for its negentropic energy. Dan Winter's Implosion book at right.

Continuing with the consideration as to exactly WHERE is the optimal location to "park" our bodies, so we can feel restored rather than drained, there is a type of architecture known as Biologic Architecture.

Biolologic architecture, is built in a co-collaborative spirit with the surrounding landscape, with careful consideration of magnetic lines, underground water, distance from sources of electrosmog etc. By working in harmony with the natural features and resources of the land (instead of ignoring them) the structure can become not just a house, but a sanctuary. Additionally, by virtue of the structure's floor plan geometry, shape and building materials, it essentially becomes sacred space.. Being completely harmonious with the natural world, it then becomes an aspect of it, and thus enjoys similar abilities. Seeds germinate faster and larger, wounds heal, and living beings regenerate. The building itself generates healing energy in other words because it is working WITH the immense power of nature, not against or in ignorance of it.

Living or working in square / rectangular buildings made or lined with metal splinter the fractality (or self similarity) of the air molecules and our bioplasma. The additional accompaniment of electrosmog makes them even more life-force draining. Thus, they do not support organic life in general or the electrical health of organic living beings. Unfortunately, most of us find ourselves in just such a situation.

The good news is that there is good news!

Below is a list of "hacks" or fixes that we can do to compensate until we can manifest a living / working environment which is more life supportive.

Do List: (increases charge capacitance and coherence)

Avoid: (splinters fractality and causes energy loss)

  • Avoid cities: AKA "kill-grids"

  • Avoid sitting in metal chairs

  • Avoid working or living in a metal building

  • Avoid using aluminum for ANYTHING

  • Avoid eating food wrapped in foil

  • Avoid wearing polyester fabric ( prevents skin / aura from breathing)

  • Avoid sleeping with polyester sheets

  • Avoid wearing too much metal jewelry (gold, platinum and silver excepted)

  • Avoid holding your cellphone to your head--use speaker phone

  • Avoid holding your laptop on your lap

  • Avoid sleeping near a smart meter or router

  • Avoid keeping your cellphone on all night or near your head

  • Avoid using Bluetooth (transmits too close to your brain)

  • Avoid wireless headphones (transmits too close to your brain)

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