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Got Chemtrails? Find the Remedy Here!

Chemtrails, AKA Geo-engineering are not a conspiracy theory. Anyone who observes the sky will notice them right away. Something is not quite right with the clouds. Since when did they form in straight parallel lines? Oh, those aren't clouds, they're condensation trails from airplanes.

Hmmm.....Since when do plans cross flight paths with each other forming a tic tac toe pattern in the sky? And why does that trail, which began as a long thin white line, spread up to miles in width and form kind of a dirty looking "cloud"? And why now, at noon, when it was completely clear this morning, is the sky a dirty white hazy color? In July? What happened to the sun? What happened to the clear blue sky???

If you're reading this, you've likely asked those same questions with that sinking feeling in your heart. You know in your gut the "white-out sky" is fake. I personally have observed this in many locations around the world. Chemtrailing does seem to be most prevalent in heavily populated areas.

So, What do Chemtrails contain?

You likely already know that chemtrails are aerosol sprays spewed out of enormous tanks in specific "chemtrail planes." One application of Chemtrails is evidently an attempt to control the weather in its use in geoengineering. Chemtrails are deployed in conjunction with electromagnetic frequencies emitted from machines such as HAARP. To consider how they work together, one can imagine the metals contained in the trail becomes the grid or the matrix for the electromagnetic fields of machines like HAARP. The result is an artificial frequency net that can alter the natural weather as well as other functions that are not completely understood and are speculated to be not for the highest interest of humanity.

The ingredients of a chemtrails vary, and are likely specific experimental blends. It is not known exactly everything they contain, but at least a partial list of common chemtrail chemicals can be viewed here.

Regardless of the exact recipe rolled out in your area, one factor seems to be consistent and that is the use of heavy metals, namely aluminum, strontium and barium. The metals and other ingredients from chemtrails are making a lot of people sick.Heavy metals from chemtrails have been linked to many different health problems such as nervous system impairment, memory loss, fatigue, migraine headaches, liver problems, kidney failure, digestive problems, frequent cold and flu like symptoms and many other health issues to numerous to list here.

It may feel overwhelming and many think there is nothing they can do....However Hope and Tivon form Fix the World Morocco have found a solution! They have found that chemicals falling from the sky from chemtrails can be stopped using orgonite pyramids. In this video at left, they discuss chemtrails, orgonite and how you can use orgonite pyramids to create a shield or grid around your property which will clear up the chemtrails above your home. They explain how to open up a "window" of clear blue sky over your house / property.

It does make sense and follow the logic that clouds made of heavy metal particulates WOULD behave that way (i.e. respond) to the presence of magnetic field. (i.e. created by the orgonite). Creating the shield around your property using the orgonite pyramids is the first step in your complete chemtrail remediation.

The second step would be to clean and clear your body with a Heavy Metal Detox (or chelation) program, to remove the metals already lodged in your body. Note: heavy metals most often accumulate in brain tissue! And have been associated with migraine headaches.


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