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2021 Buyer's guide Product review Top Rated Product

Get a good nights sleep for once by shielding yourself from cellphone radiation while you sleep. This product is rated one of the best products to mitigate cell phone radiation based on scientifically proven Faraday cage technology!

HARApad Cell Phone Sleep Shield - EMF Radiation Shield

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It is true that many people sleep with their cell phone close to their head, thus exposing their brain is to harmful EMF radiation even while sleeping! The HARApad Shield is designed especially for for use while sleeping but of course will also provide protection from harmful EMFs throughout the day, but note this is not a carrying case.

Some customers who reviewed the HARApad actually measured their device for EMFs with a Gauss meter and reported 100% radiation mitigation using the shield! Other buyers commented on enjoying the convenience of having their cell phone near by and not having to worry about radiation. Another reported chronic migraines completely disappeared when she had her phone in the shield at night!

The shielding works exactly like the lead vest you wear when getting an X-ray, however the HARApad uses lead and tungsten-free, military-grade EMF radiation shielding that works specifically against the low frequency (ELF) radiation emitted by computers, cell phones and tablets.

The HARApad Sleep Shield is also "Amazon's Choice" and can conveniently accommodate ANY type or size of cell phone and has no effect on your reception or battery life.

All that being said, reviewers concur that the HARApad Cell phone Sleep Shield, is well worth the investment, nothing is more foundational to health than a good nights sleep.

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