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2021 Buyer's Guide Product Review Laptop EMF Radiation Shield

Do you sit with your laptop on your lap? Do you know that when you do that you're abdominal organs and private parts are getting zapped with radiation? Do you think this is a good idea? The HARApad Laptop radiation shield was rated as the best of this type of EMF protection device. It uses the "shielding" approach to EMF protection. This product is based on the science proven "Faraday Cage" technology. The HARApad shield was designed to keep radiation away from your private parts so you can work on your computer anywhere, any time.

HARApad EMF Protection - Laptop Radiation & Heat Shield

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The HARApad laptop shield is made for people who actually use their laptop on their lap. Many people do this, without realizing that they are exposing, their legs, genitals and belly to harmful EMF radiation.

Just as when you go to the doctor or dentist, and they place the lead cape over you before taking an X-ray, the HARApad protects the lower regions of your body in the same way, while additional providing a flat and stable surface for your laptop, kind of a "mobile desk".

Reviewers commented that you can actually feel the decrease in heat on your lap when you are using the HARApad, and on this topic it was mentioned of the two finish options that the acrylic was more highly recommended, as one reviewer commented the wood version warped from the heat it collected.

Reviewers who measured their product with an EMF meter and found the radiation emitted from their laptop had been reduced by 85%!

Long story short, HARApad seems to know what they are doing in manufacturing EMF shields for devices.

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