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2021 Buyers Guide Best EMF Protection Review

Shungite is a rare mineral possessing unique properties of purification. It is scientifically proven to neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation and can also purify water. It is the main component (or sometimes the only component) of many EMF protection products.

Heka Naturals Shungite Necklace, EMF Protection Pendant

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Shungite is a unique mineral mined from Karelia, Russia where people of this region have observed its benefits for centuries. There is a long standing tradition of placing a piece of shungite in their drinking water. Shungite removes harmful substances from water such as such as heavy metals and other impurities which the stone is able to absorb and transmute.

Shungite has a unique molecular structure, composed of a type of pure carbon atom known as "fullerenes" which combine to form soccer ball-like molecules.These unique molecules give the stone its capacity to absorb, neutralize and transmute pollutants, and are apparently what gives the stone its ability to neutralize EMF radiation. Shungite has the ability to transform incoherent EMFs into more biologically compatible frequencies thus neutralizing their negative effect.

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1. Reviewer comments she could feel it work right away when she placed it over her heart. She shares that she's visually impaired so she sits very close to the TV and often her chest will start to feel tight. When she put on the shungite necklace she noticed the tightness go way almost instantly. She recommends visiting YouTube for informational videos on shungite.

2. Another reviewer feels the style is great for everyday wear. "The length of the necklace is perfect and the quality of the shungite is great." She reports that the shungite is very strong and resilient to drops or chips in the stone.

3. Third Reviewer: "I love my shungite necklace. I could immediate feel a difference when wearing it. It gives you a feeling of being balanced, improves mood." Shungite is unique, as it contains "fullerenes inside the rock. The fullerenes are hollow, pure carbon molecules. For me it helps, relieve stress, is soothing, and boosts my overall energy. I think it is important to have on, because we all use computers, cell phones, microwaves, and are getting bombarded from EMF. "

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