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How and Why to EMF Protect your Home Environment

Are you wondering not only how to EMF proof your house but why to do such a thing? Read on and we'll walk you through step by step.


  • Our home is our sanctuary

  • Our home is a place to restore / regenerate our energies

  • Our home is ideally supportive to human / organic life

How Humans stay Healthy:

  • Clean Air

  • Clean Water

  • Clean Food

  • Shelter

  • Love

  • Community / sharing

When we (and I'm speaking for organic biological humans), get our basic needs (above) met, we tend to have higher natural immunity and resistance to stress. We tend to be more patient and perhaps more compassionate to others. When any of our basic needs are compromised, we tend to lose our patience much faster and encounter other challenges.

EMF protection is part of this conversation because it is concerned with clean air. Living in a big city, of course we are familiar with urban smog. What is less familiar however is "electrosmog".

Why is electro-smog so unknown?

Because it is unseen.

Electro-smog, in common parlance, is how we refer to "all artificial electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields extant in a given environment acting on an organism."

As previously stated in other articles on this website, human beings require the Schumann Resonance frequency in order to be and stay healthy. The Schumann resonance is considered the "heart beat" or pulsation of the planet Earth herself, and at 7.83 Hz, corresponds exactly to the the Alpha brainwave frequency of the human being. Just in case you're wondering, the Alpha brainwave is NOT the one your brain makes when you are stressed out. It IS what you're brain does NATURALLY when you are relaxed but alert. Alpha is associated with pleasant relaxation and creativity.....GOT ALPHA?

Today, unless one makes it an intentional practice to go outside in nature, to get one's bare feet on the naked earth, to be in the fractal vibrancy of pristine air, one is likely missing out on the most vital life-sustaining ingredient which exists: healthy air itself. Healthy airwaves -- vibrations or frequencies which support organic life.

It has been shown in extensive scientific research that living in an environment of artificial interference signals cannot be "tolerated" for a lifetime, and the need for protection is urgent. Constant exposure to frequency ranges which are totally alien to organic life have been shown to cause cellular degeneration and DNA mutation.

So what can one do?

The foremost and best all-time solution would be to live outside of electro-smog toxicity....essentially out of an urban environment. All other remedies (such as those suggested on this website) are supplementary or remedial fixes solely, and as such do not represent a permanent solution.

Permanent solutions would involve deep and far reaching change in societal infrastructure, and would require not only a revolution in human consciousness, but revolutionary change on every level of energy production and use. In essence, a "back to the drawing board" collective moment. It probably won't happen overnight...., but at the time of writing this it seems humanity is on the path--be it obvious or not. Every day more humans are awakening to what they are living in.

Below are some suggestions of some basic products that could be used in and around your home. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and as previously stated, constitutes only a supplementary reduction of harmful, incoherent fields.

1) A Smart Meter Shield:

And just so you know:

"PG&E “smart” meters typically operate in the 902-928 MHz range, (that's mega-hertz) (which is near the range of most cell phones) and additionally in the radio-frequency microwave range (300 MHz to 3 GHz). (giga hertz) At least 90% of the pulses are not your data, but the “mesh network” talking to itself—also known as network “chatter.”

PG&E’s own documents revealed last year that their meters pulse between 10,000 and 190,000 times per day."

Compare that to 7.83 Hz--The Human Alpha brainwave.....

2) A Router Cover:

Typical Wifi frequency Bands are 2.4Ghz-5Ghz

(giga hertz)

Compare to 7.83hz - Human Alpha Brainwave

Suggested use of cover:

Wrap only the antennae while actively using Wifi. Wrap the entire router including base when not using Wifi.

3) A LapTop Shield:

And I would add, even though they were made for this, I certainly would not recommend / advise anyone to make a standing habit of actually working with your laptop on your lap. That's a lot of radiation in the giga hz range precariously close to your generative organs.......

4) Two sets of 4 Orgonite Pyramids:

One set of 4 to grid your property, one set of 4 to keep inside the house. Orgonite functions as an electrosmog "air purifier". The pyramids are passive negative ion emitters and will neutralize the harmful radiation from your room and protect your entire property from onslaughts coming from the outer environment.

5) Cellphone Shields:

Cellphone shields are a must if you are living / working in and around Wifi. Generally speaking, there are two types of so-called shields. One is the actual shield which operates by Faraday Cage EMF "blocking" technology.

The other is often called a shield but is actually operates more as an EMF neutralizer and is typically made of orgonite, shungite or other neutralizing material. This type of "shield" typically comes in multi packs which can be adhered to a variety of devices, such as iPad, laptop, even your kitchen microwave and refrigerator.

6) EMF Protective Jewelry:

Far from frivolous, this jewelry has a working mission . In my opinion bracelets are great if you are working on your computer a lot, in addition to a pendant over your heart.

EMF protective jewelry typically is made from orgonite, shungite, or crystals and other metals. Often the jewelry is based on a sacred geometrical form which has a balancing and stabilizing effect on your personal bio-energy (bio- plasma) field.

The last 2 forms of protection I'm going to add as optional additional items to your list, depending upon your location and severity of your situation.

7) EMF shielding Paint:

This can be used to paint certain walls in your home. I definitely do not recommend painting your entire home with it, because it would make your home into a Faraday cage. While the uneducated might consider this to be a positive thing, it's true, it would "block" EMR. However recall that your human biology is also electro magnetic and your aura (plasma bio-field) needs to be able to breathe and expand. Therefore, I would recommend tha paint for the following applications:

  1. Paint the wall of your house where the smart meter is on the other side.

  2. Paint the wall of your house facing the nearest cellphone tower or other municipal wiring. (if applicable)

  3. Paint the wall of your house between your bedroom and the room where you keep your router. (if applicable).

  4. Paint the wall of your house between where your microwave or other kitchen appliances are and where you spend a lot of time. (if applicable)

8) EMF Shielding Fabric:

Can be used to make curtains if / as needed. Again, it depends on where you live, the toxicity of your neighborhood. I do not recommend wearing clothing made from shielding fabric, including hats. Maybe doing so has its place in certain locations such as airports, but again, as an organic human you need to let your aura breathe.

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