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How Does EMF Protection Work?

The short answer would be that different EMF protection products work in different ways.

Certain types work by "blocking" or preventing an incoherent electrical field from impinging on our human field. Others work by modifying the field local to the device so the field becomes more coherent, harmonic and therefore supportive to the human bio-field. In other words, this type of EMF protection creates a protective bubble for the user.

However, before we can understand EMF protection, it's helpful to understand exactly what we are protecting. As science, physics and essentially our understanding of how the universe works continues to evolve as we move into the 21st century, so does our understanding of what a human body actually is. This understanding unfolds on a collective level, even though we are not being told the facts in a straight forward manner by our establishment institutions. Regardless, people are waking up.

The human is more than just a lump of flesh and bone. Come to find out, that lump is situated in the middle of enormous bubble, known as the human bio-field, or bio-energetic field. Organic life forms are plasma emitting batteries. Humans possess a north and south pole, (head and feet) and conduct electrical currents through the activity of our neurons. The human is bio-electrical as can be AND we are acclimated to function within certain life supporting frequency bands.

When artificial frequencies are introduced, and in today's world we live in a sea of them, that artificial atmosphere constitutes a stress for us. Considering the electromagnetic spectrum, there is much radiation that occurs outside the range of human sensory perception. Super

high frequencies of electromagnetic radiation including x-rays, gamma rays are dangerous to organic life and are classed as "ionizing radiation". Ionizing radiation is dangerous because it can knock electrons out of atoms and is harmful to human cells and DNA. It is why we wear a lead vest when we get an x-ray at the dentist.

Radiation that is in a lower frequency band, including ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR), microwave (MW), Radio Frequency (RF), and extremely low frequency (ELF) are types of non-ionizing radiation. We have been led to believe by extant authorities that these types of radiation are not harmful.

While some products quite literally"block" EMFs, other use different technologies which might: attenuate, negate, neutralize, or purify harmful electromagnetic or radio frequencies. (EMF and RF).

Put another way, there is more than one way to protect yourself. Here will take a look at the different types of EMF protection products so you can find the type that is best for you.

EMF protection devices work through: shielding, or attenuating / neutralizing. A variety of factors, including your location, your work, your habits and your health, will determine the amount and type of EMF protection necessary in your case.

Do you live in big city? Urban, metropolitan area? Do you work at a computer? Do you sit on the couch with your iPad on your lap? Are you on your cell phone all day? Do you cook your food in a microwave? Has your area rolled out 5G?

All these are questions to consider. The more "yeses" you had to the questions above indicate the greater amount of protection, of different types you may want to consider implementing in your environment to make it more friendly to organic life.

Before we get into the different types of EMF protection, let's visit a common comment of EMF dubunkers:

"The truth is that some EMF protection products are really effective while some are just a waste of money."

This may or not be true. An additional consideration might be:

The reality is that some people are simply more sensitive than others and what is outside the range of perception of some individuals is totally obvious to others.

I've come across many "debunkers" of various EMF protection products. Some of these debunkers may simply be materialist fundamentalists who still believe in the 18th century "billiard ball" paradigm of physics, i.e., the belief that we live in a world composed of tiny particles of matter. This is a viewpoint that has not yet advanced into 21st century quantum physics, the new paradigm where the universe is known to be composed of vibration and fluctuations of light and sound, in ever-shifting wave patterns. A universe where changes in the field around an object affect changes in objects themselves.

Comments like: "Totally worthless" and "Don't waste your money," may simply indicate a lack of sensitivity rather than the ineffectiveness of a product. These people need everything tested with an EMF or Gauss meter to prove it works. While there is nothing wrong with testing, products which are of the neutralizing type will not show a result on the EMF meter. Only blocking technology EMF products will show results on a meter. EMF neutralizers are not "blocking" the incoherent field, but they are modifying the field so it is no longer harmful. Some of these products modify the field via different frequencies that have programed into the device, but most work by creating negative ions through piezo-electricity.

Many people can instantly FEEL the difference once they have their EMF protection product. Some people experience immediate abatement of headaches or other symptoms. These individuals conduct their own "tests" by removing the pendant, sticker or object from their home, only to observe the symptom immediately returning. To many, this is enough of a test or "proof".

Some individuals don't ever feel anything at all and they just want to see the needle on a meter move. That's OK too. My point is, everyone is different and EMF protection strategies are as unique as individuals.

My personal recommendation is to utilize a variety to methods to mitigate EMF in your home and on your body, for comprehensive protection and to create a feeling that you are in a daisy field in the middle of the forest.

For example, you may want to paint your house with EMF shielding paint, put a cage on your smart meter, plug your appliances through an attenuator, use a shield for your laptop and phone, wear a pendant, and have a pyramid on your desk!

Now that's EMF protection.


These products are made for laptops, cellphones, tablets, smart meters and even routers.

You can also get clothing made from EMF shielding material or just buy EMF shielding

fabric to sew your own curtains, wallets or clothing. Some of these products, specifically cellphone cases that include a wallet, will additionally shield your credit cards from data theft and render your phone unhackable.

Shields are based on the Faraday Cage. In the1800's the English scientist Michael Faraday discovered that a room coated with metal foil would block or prevent the electrical currents from entering the room. The currents would instead be absorbed and deflected by the conductive material in the metal. It was thus concluded that conductive metals will create a shield for electrical and magnetic radiation.

Shielding can also be accomplished with EMF shielding paint to use as a base coat for your house. EMF shields are the favorite of the "nuts and bolts" type, easy to measure and see results on your EMF meter.

What Metals are normally used in EMF Shielding?

All metals are conductive and thus able to deflect EMFs. Some are more conductive than others, and thus offer more comprehensive shielding. Most EMF shielding products use a variety of metals in their composition. The hierarchy of conductivity of metals is: Silver, Copper, Aluminum, Gold and Steel. Most high quality shields will feature layers of one or more of these metals.

Neutralizers and Attenuators:

EMF attenuators, also known as "EMF active shields" are slightly more controversial in terms of claims of their efficacy. It is in this category of EMF protection devices that I've encountered a lot of debunking and "poo-pooing" as I was researching. However at the end of the day, many of these products rank as the very top selling EMF protection tools. So, something is going on here.

Some pendants, crystals, pyramids, stickers and also certain varieties of plug in wall socket filters fall into these categories. These types of EMF protection products work through cleaning / purifying or neutralizing the field. Rather than blocking EMF radiation, neutralizers transmute it. As stated above, this can be done in different ways such as frequency broadcasting, but is usually accomplished via the piezoelectric effect as well as the geometry of the device. Either of these types might be made of crystals. Products which are made from ground up crystals and metals, compressed by resin are creating a field of negative ions via piezoelectricty.

Another common type of neutralizer or attenuator looks like a small disc or square that you stick on the electronic device you want to neutralize. Many of these products feature video demonstrations where the efficacy of the device is shown.


At the end of the day, one can't get around the fact that EMF radiation is part of our world and it does present health risks which are examined in many scientific studies. The types of EMF protective devices are as varied as individuals and undoubtedly one size will not fit all.

So again, my recommendation is to educate yourself as much as possible while following your heart and intuition.

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