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How does Orgonite Work for EMF Protection?

Orgonite does not "block" EMFs. To understand how orgonite works, we first have to consider that our environments are polluted with an invisible pollution, known as EMF smog or radiation. Even though it cannot be seen, it can be felt, because our nervous systems are electromagnetic in nature.

Orgonite works by emitting a field, which it does by virtue of its constituents. Orgonite is a passive negative ionizer, which works by radiating a coherent field which is generated by piezo-electricity, the same way your quartz watch runs forever.

So instead of "blocking" EMFs, orgonite actually cleans it up by emitting a field which neutralizes the incoherent EMF field. If you are looking for an EMF blocker, those types of products are available. They are known as shielding products which utilize Faraday Cage technology, of which there are many good ones and even on this website!

Orgone works differently and takes EMF protection a step further. Orgonite is a transformer or transmuter of energy. It takes something that is harmful and uses it as fuel to become something beneficial, this is one of the miracles of "syntropy" or anti-entropic field effects.

It's free energy! Orgonite, particularly in the form of a pyramid can be seen as a "field cleanser" or "sanitizer" if you will.

Radiation from appliances such as cell phone towers, smart meters, internet router and television are toxic, that is, the fields they emit are incoherent and stress inducing for biological life forms.

Orgonite placed around your environment cleans up the toxicity and helps to restore an atmosphere more supportive and health enhancing to biological life forms....(us humans!)

The field effects created by orgonite can be measured in various ways such as:

  • Preserving blood samples for longer periods of time Preserving fruits and vegetable and foods for longer period of time Better seed germination results in plants Bigger yields in plants

  • Providing pain relief Aiding in better sleep and relaxation Seeing the energy field in frozen water .

Check out this very brief video below which illustrates very effectively exactly how orgonite works to purify the environment.

Orgonite is made by using finely powdered metals, crystals and a special stone known as shungite. Shungite is a well documented detoxifier of both water and air. The powdered metals and crystals are compressed into a resin matrix. Under compression the crystals activate and create a field known as piezo-electricity, which is radiant. This is exactly how your quartz crystal wrist watch works, it is powered from the field created by the piezo-electric effect.

Orgonite pyramids and protection products work by emitting a field of negative ions into the atmosphere caused by the piezo-electric effect.

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