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How to Stop being an Antenna for EMFs ~The Ultimate EMF Protection

You're already concerned about the EMF problem we face today if you're reading this. You're already aware that a cacophony of discordant, incoherent and potentially cell-

damaging frequencies flood our modern environments. You're aware of the value of EMF protection products. Maybe you even have a shield or sticker on your phone, computer, or you're wearing a pendant.... And all these little remedies do help.

But what if YOU yourself were simply out of the range of these frequencies? What if they couldn't touch you? Would you still need the other tools? Maybe. But you if your body itself was no longer acting as an antenna, picking up and even attracting these signals, chances are your symptoms would be a lot less....maybe completely gone.

If you're like most of us, you've had your share of insomnia, irritability and headaches. Possibly you've struggled with a more serious health condition as a result of your body's response to these damaging frequencies.

But what if there was a way to remove all the heavy metals from your body, with a safe and simple natural supplement? What if that in the removal of these unnatural heavy metals you are no longer in the range for these signals to resonate with? Well, it's possible you might feel pretty awesome.

And here's the good news. There IS such a supplement!
You might really want to check out Roots Brand CleanSlate.... a product designed by a naturopath, & bio-tech scientist (Dr. Christina Rahm) who is ahead of her time and actually invented this product to heal herself and family...of serious health conditions. Well, she was successful and
now she's sharing her product with the world.

If you've been paying attention, you know our environment is polluted with metals. Some of them are sprayed on our food in the form of pesticides, some of them are in our water supply or in medications. But many of them are in the atmosphere itself on the nano level; toxic heavy metals at levels which organic life has never before been exposed to: aluminum, mercury, barium, strontium, aresnic, lead, and now graphene oxide....a well known ingredient in certain "medical" preparations. We'll leave it at that.

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just sweep all that metallic garbage out of your body by taking a few drops of a tincture twice per day? Wouldn't it be worth it to be free of the headaches, the irritabliity and insomnia?

You don't have to be an antenna any more for 5G, 4G, 3G, LTE or ANY of it. It doesn't appear to be going in the next week or so, so why not just protect yourself?

Check out CleanSlate. It is made of a special formulation of nano-sized zeolite / clinoptilolite, a quartz-like mineral with a honeycomb structure and a negative charge. It is as small as the nano-graphene and heavy metal pollutants, and when it sweeps the the body, it takes with it everything that is not YOU. It "takes out the trash" removing that which Mother Nature did intend to be added to you.

With the garbage out of you, those frequencies can not longer touch you and give you headaches. Once we remove what doesn't belong, we begin to feel better and then can begin rebuilding with high-energy nutrients on a clean foundation.

So check out CleanSlate today. You won't be disappointed.

Use code 12D at check out.

CleanSlate’s patent pending formula was developed to safely assist the body's with the removal of environmental toxins and heavy metals. Benefits are: 1) Detoxification. 2) Reduces inflammation. 3) Increases absorption. CleanSlate supports the absorption of nutrients by the removing toxins which block nutrient binding sites.

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