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Can't sleep? What you need to know about Insomnia and EMF radiation

Perhaps one of the most prevalent and undermining of all the EMF radiation symptoms is insomnia. Our sleep time is when our body restores and renews itself, so it is no joke to miss out on a solid nights sleep. Sleep is a foundational pillar of our health!

Getting into bed, exhausted from a stressful day, only to toss and turn, the body unable to unwind, to truly relax.

Could this be because of this unseen, unheard silent "scream" which goes on and on, all day and all night? The "scream" created by wireless signals, routers, smart meter radio waves, microwaves, 5G millimeter waves, wave forms which don't exist in the natural world at all? Could it be that the human nervous system itself is sensing, feeling and reacting to these frequencies? Even though the sound and sight of the frequencies themselves are outside the human perceptual range?

Something to consider. Isn't it amazing how calm and relaxed you feel in the high mountains? Maybe part of that experience is the absence of these toxic man-made artificial wave forms.

For a lot of people today, the effects of these incoherent frequencies can be felt, like silent fingernails on an invisible chalkboard. And it keeps them awake at night. Something doesn't feel quite right. You get it bed, you're tired but you can't unwind...go down deep into that deep, silent refreshing sleep.

For this reason, many people seek and have benefited from EMF protection tools that work to create a "bubble" of peace and silence around them. People are seeking something that will clean and purify the very space itself in their bedroom, around and in the bed, so they can get a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed and ready for the next day.

The portable Orgone Sleeping Pod is a handmade passive negative ion generator. It will help you get a good night sleep. They look like blue hockey pucks. If you put one under your pillow or somewhere in the bed, you will feel a bubble of peace from the negative ions and you'll be protected from EMFs all night. The Orgone Sleeping pod can help to block out the negative effects of 5G near the body and restore natural balance so that you can go deep into a refreshing, restorative Delta brainwave sleep.

Orgone is a word for the coherent life-force energy (aslo known as Chi, Qi or Prana) which is prevalent in the world of nature and living beings. Orgonite is a natural technology created to emit neutralizing orgone energy that can be measured as negative ions in the atmosphere. These products work to transform and harmonize stray EMFs into non-harmful, life-supportive energy.


  • Sleep deeply WITHOUT the need for unnecessary sleeping medication

  • Easily fits in your palm and is portable for the jet-setting working professional

  • Enhances your energy field and reduces the negative effects of EMF on your body

  • Can be placed directly on the body for instant relief from EMF-induced aches and pains

  • Can be put under the pillow and still be effective

Click here to read a blog on how we test the strength of our orgonite sleeping pods by the famous ice test.

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