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Peacemaker EMF Neutralizer by Promolife~Cutting edge Frequency Harmonizer

Looking for high quality EMF Protection for your home or office? One that will cover a large radius? The "Peacemaker" EMF neutralizer might be for you. The Peacemaker is designed to provide EMF protection inclusive of a space 50 feet in diameter.

Some people are skeptical of neutralizers mainly because they do not understand how and why they work, and dismiss frequency harmonized devices as "woo woo."

Those skeptics do not understand that we are not living in a "vacuum" of empty space, but a dynamic etheric field which is alive with frequencies of all kinds. Some frequencies, such as those we encounter in natural surroundings are naturally "peacemaking", we know this instinctively. Everyone feels better during a walk on the beach or in the woods.

However it can no longer be denied that the human nervous system hits a significant snag when it finds itself immersed in the chaotic and cacophonous soup of frequency signals such as those found in a typical city or a device-filled home or office. Humans are only starting realize that these devices: vehicles, appliances, computers, powerlines, and other machinery are actually "singing" a song, or rather, a silent scream. That song, although not audible to the human hearing range, can and is felt by the nervous system, and it translates to symptoms so familiar to us in our modern lives: headaches, irritability, insomnia, impatience to name just the tip of the iceberg.

"Studies have indicated a possible link between cancer clusters and high voltage power lines. Fatigue, allergies, mood disorders and stress are other potential symptoms. While the mainstream waits for the EPA and other officials to decide what the true health effects of EMF are, many are left feeling helpless." ~Promolife

How does the Peacemaker work?

The Peacemaker works by reducing the effect of the incoherent (chaotic/ cacophonous) electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF) by harmonizing the frequencies in your space.

The Peacemaker literally harmonizes the frequencies in your environment, creating undertones and overtones of "sound" that surround you in a rich field. These are tones that are supportive and conducive to organic life. Though these "sounds" are also inaudible, they sing in frequency ranges that interact well and are soothing to humans (and animals!)

The harmonic frequencies produced by the Peacemaker are made by the vibration of four copper antennae. They create a vibratory sound field which is negentropic. Since entropy is a measure of chaos and disorder, the frequencies generated by the Peacemaker work to harness the energy of chaotic, life-force draining frequencies and literally re-organize them into ordered or negentropic fields.

Negentropy or syntropy is the opposite of entropy. We are all familiar with the nihilistic narrative that "everything is falling apart" or "dissolving into chaos" as the universe whirls into nothingness.

Negentropy and the experience of negentropic fields, represent the side of the equation that has been left out of the scientific discussion. Just as yang always accompanies yin, negentropy always is the other side of entropy. Negentropic fields are vibration patterns which are ever-evolving in geometric complexity and order. So it's not exactly true that "everything is falling apart". That's not how nature works. However, that is exactly the environment that is created by these incoherent devices.

The Peacemaker supports us on our journey of creating a new world by starting right at home where we spend our time, creating an environment more friendly, nourishing and life supportive.

The Peacemaker is covered by a one year warranty.

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