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SafeSleeve EMF Protection Anti Radiation iPhone Case

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Protect yourself in multiple ways with the SafeSleeve EMF Protection case. Made of cruelty-free "Vegan Leather", this case has a smooth professional look. It comes in a variety of colors as well as sizes to accommodate whatever type or size of cellphone you use, be it iPhone or Android.

It features "FCC accredited lab tested shielding technology" which is embedded in front flap. The shielding blocks up to 99 % of EMF cell phone radiation. The case also contains a built-in wallet that can hold up to 4 credit cards, business cards as well as extra room for documents or cash. These cards will be kept safe in this case, which also works as a blocker against RFID (radio frequency identity) theft.

This product was reviewed over 300 times and the majority consensus was thumbs up.

Comments included:

"Case still looking new after weeks of abuse,"

"Quality product. I feel better!"

Buyers also remarked that they liked how the front cover converts to a stand so you can watch videos on your phone. Some customers commented that they felt less stress or anxiety since they got the case.

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