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2021 Buyer's guide EMF Protective Paint Product Review

Serious about EMF protection in your home? EMF shielding paint is based on science-proven Faraday cage technology. Use to block out WiFi, cellular frequencies, 5G and more. Can be used to paint the walls of your house or just one room.

Shielding Solutions EMF Shielding Paint YSHIELD 5 Liters

4.2 out of 5 stars, rated over 50 times.

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EMF protective paint is one solution for whole house or whole room EMF shielding.

It is an investment, but one well worth it making according to the majority of reviewers of this product on Amazon.

EMF shielding paint is made from silicate which has excellent EMF protection properties. It comes only in the color black, and is used as a base coat to whatever color you will be using on your walls. Once your room is painted you must ground the paint using grounding cables and grounding plates, otherwise the paint will be completely ineffective.

Many reviewers commented on having professionals come to measure their home for EMF radiation after applying the paint, while others measured the radiation levels with their own meter. In all cases, noticeable mitigations of EMF were reported. Many buyers commented that they had fewer bars on their cell phone in rooms which were painted. Another reported that Verizon could not pin her location when she was in a painted room using her map application. Still another reported that "the ringing in my ears that is always there when in high radiation zones has completely stopped once we painted the house, my eyes are no longer puffy in the morning and I wake up refreshed!"

Important to note that reviewers did clarify that their cellphone still worked when they were in their home as did their Wifi, however it was stated to not apply the paint on a wall or ceiling between your router and where you will be sitting at your computer to avoid interference with your WiFi signal.

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