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Top 5 Shielding Type EMF Protection Tools

Of all the types of EMF protection products, those which fall into the "shield" category tend to be extremely popular. People like to see the EMF meter really drop the needle when they test their environment, and nothing yields tangible results quite like the EMF shields. Shields or blockers rely on science proven Faraday cage technology and come in a variety of forms for different devices, and even your whole house!

1. DefenderShield Universal EMF & 5G Radiation Protection Pouch for Smartphones, Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

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4.3 out of 5 stars

Over 200 customer ratings

The DefenderShield offers the ultimate in EMF and 5G wireless protection. Designed by a former telecommunications engineer, it is composed of multiple layers of shielding material and includes a velcro closure strap, small outer pocket and pen loop. The DefenderShield's shielding technology offers protection for up to 99% of EMF radiation in the range of 0-10Ghz, the frequencies used in the current 5G network.

The DefenderShield comes in 3 sizes so you can select the right one for your phone.

Watch a brief product demo video here

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2. WiFi Emf Protection Router Cover Radiation Shielding Faraday Cage for Router

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Over 80 customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 star average rating.

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This product utilizes the well proven Faraday Cage shielding to prevent your router from emitting harmful EMF frequencies. Manufacturer claims: "99.999% protection across the frequency range of 10MHz to 3GHz and still over 99.6% effectiveness at 5.6GHz."

While there were some negative reviews and comments that it does not work, the Faraday Cage technology is a proven and long standing method (since the 1800s) for blocking frequencies of all kinds. In the case of this Router Cover, it seems important to carefully wrap your entire router in it. It is large enough to accommodate the antennae.

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3. HARApad EMF Protection - Laptop Radiation & Heat Shield

4.3 out of 5 stars average customer rating.

Reviewed over 80 times.

Free returns.

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The HARApad laptop shield is made for people who actually use their laptop on their lap. Many people do this, without realizing that they are exposing, their legs, genitals and belly to harmful EMF radiation.

Just as when you go to the doctor or dentist, and they place the lead cape over you before taking an X-ray, the HARApad protects the lower regions of your body in the same way, while additional providing a flat and stable surface for your laptop, kind of a "mobile desk".

Reviewers who measured their product with an EMF meter and found the radiation emitted from their laptop had been reduced by 85%!

Long story short, HARApad seems to know what they are doing in manufacturing EMF shields for devices.

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4. SafeSleeve EMF Protection Anti Radiation iPhone Case

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Reviewed over 300 times

4.5 out of 5 stars

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Protect yourself in multiple ways with the SafeSleeve EMF Protection case. Made of cruelty-free "Vegan Leather", this case has a smooth professional look. It comes in a variety of colors as well as sizes to accommodate whatever type or size of cellphone you use, be it iPhone or Android.

It features "FCC accredited lab tested shielding technology" which is embedded in front flap. The shielding blocks up to 99 % of EMF cell phone radiation. The case also contains a built-in wallet that can hold up to 4 credit cards, business cards as well as extra room for documents or cash. These cards will be kept safe in this case, which also works as a blocker against RFID (radio frequency identity) theft.

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5.Shielding Solutions EMF Shielding Paint YSHIELD - 5 Liters

4.2 out of 5 stars, rated over 50 times.

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EMF protective paint is one solution for whole house or whole room EMF shielding.

It is an investment, but one well worth it making according to the majority of reviewers of this product on Amazon.

EMF shielding paint is made from silicate which has excellent EMF protection properties. It comes only in the color black, and is used as a base coat to whatever color you will be using on your walls. Once your room is painted you must ground the paint using grounding cables and grounding plates, otherwise the paint will be completely ineffective.

Important to note that reviewers did clarify that their cellphone still worked when they were in their home as did their Wifi, however it was stated to not apply the paint on a wall or ceiling between your router and where you will be sitting at your computer to avoid interference with your WiFi signal.

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