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What does EMF Protection Do?

Every device we own, including home wiring, the computer, cell phone and WiFi, emits an invisible pollution, which is on the rise in quantity and magnitude as time unfolds in our post-modern environments.

This invisible pollution, known as EMF radiation or “EMF smog,” occurs in the magnetic, electric and radio frequency bandwidths, and possesses the characteristic of being incoherent or out of phase with naturally occurring frequencies organic life has acclimated to during the evolution of life on earth. In other words, EMF smog creates an energetic environment completely alien and potentially non-supportive of organic life forms.

As discussed in the article "Why do I need EMF Protection" on this site, we humans are already fully bio-electrical beings. We have our own natural frequencies, pulses, beats and rhythms. We are batteries, complete with north and south poles and a magnetic field. When we are calm, well rested and content, our own bio-fields naturally expand and glow. In this state, we are are highly resilient and naturally resistant to dis-ease. Another way to say it is our "battery is charged." On the other hand, when we have been under much stress or lack of rest, our resilience drops. We become less tolerant to all kinds of things. We might snap at someone or even get sick. Our "battery" is low....we need to charge up.

Natural environments such as the countryside, mountains or at the beach are places where we can experience more of the natural atmosphere that our species evolved in. In previous centuries it was common for doctors to prescribe a "holiday by the seaside" for a month or more. The air itself is alive with the force of life and the pulsation of the Earth: the Schumann resonances. There was an is an intuitive knowing that we can renew our energy in nature. In fact, serious illnesses increased after humans began living in cities. Now adays cities are considered "kill grids" in that they are, on the bio-energetic level, toxic for organic life.

Today, we unknowingly suffer under this invisible electromagnetic pollution, the unnatural frequencies of the electronic world; the world of EMFs. They can't be seen but are felt. Governments and authorities downplay the risks. These frequencies are unnatural and out of phase with our living bio-fields. They emanate from every electronic device, the power lines, with wiring of your house, your router, your cellphone and the worst: the cell phone towers. It is as though the air itself has been weaponized.

These unnatural frequencies constitute a significant source of “unseen stress” as far as the physiology of living beings is concerned. Electromagnetic radiation is associated with many symptoms and health problems which are discussed on this website. See the article: "What are the dangers of Electro-Magnetic Field Radiation?"

Some websites with studies which explore the harmful effects of EMF radiation linked here:

EMF Portal Research Database

Powerwatch Reseach Studies

National Toxicology Program Cellphone Study

RF Info - UK

Recent EMF Research

Can EMF exposure be avoided?

Proximity to an appliance and the frequency with which you use it is definitely a factor in how much radiation you are exposed to, and possibly the best way to reduce your exposure to EMFs is by keeping your distance from electronic devices and limiting your use.

However, even if you are able to do this, the basic wiring of the home you find yourself in is still radiating this smog. And, if you live in a city, you may find a transmitting cellphone tower every 3 miles. These environments make it virtually impossible to avoid exposure to these incoherent fields, and why many urban environments have been dubbed "kill grids" by those in the know. So, unless you simply take a trip (or move) to the high mountains you will likely be exposed EMF radiation pollution.

EMF Protection Devices

If you’re not able to get away to the mountains, one solution is to protect yourself from draining EMF radiation by using an EMF protection device.There are different types of EMF protection products that work in different ways to mitigate harmful EMFs, namely: shields, attenuators and neutralizers. They function in different ways but their main purpose is to limit or even mitigate the amount of EMF that you are exposed to. This is accomplished through the use of certain materials or frequencies that are effective in mitigating radiation. Materials frequently used in these devices include steel, aluminum, copper, gold, as well as other metals. Some devices such as attenuators make use of crystals and certain stones, while others work by neutralizing harmful EMFs through life-supportive frequencies which cancel out harmful EMF frequencies.


Radiation protection shields are perhaps the most reliable and agreed upon method of EMF mitigation. And many of these shielding-type products come with studies, tests and research to back up their efficacy. Shields work like the lead vest you wear when getting an X-ray and often use lead and other metals to attract the extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation emitted by your device. The shielding creates a path of least resistance for the radiation to travel through, allowing it to flow through the shield itself, instead of your body, and then back to the device to complete the path. Shields are typically designed for portable appliances, such as laptops and cell phones but there are also shields for Smart Meters which are a source of harmful radio-wave frequencies, and there is even shielding paint.


EMF protection attenuators, (often in the form of pendants, or crystals) work by gradually reducing or creating a loss of force as energy passes through the material. This can be compared to the muffling effect a wall has on sound, which is attenuation of sound energy. The efficacy of EMF radiation pendants, is highly debated among consumers. While some claim "they do nothing" other reviewers write about "noticeable results," such as increased energy, decrease in aches and pains, more stamina, etc. Like all other protection products, if one is in doubt if it is actually doing what it claims to do one can always purchase an EMF Meter and measure the fields themselves.

It is also true that some individuals are simply more sensitive than others, and what may be out of the perceptual range of one individual can be "totally obvious" to another. If you are the "skeptical type" a pendant might not be your go to product, however if you consider yourself "very sensitive" then you might be quite satisfied and take comfort in wearing a crystal pendant. Everyone is different AND it’s worth do the research before making a purchase.

That said, when I was researching this article I found crystals and pendants to be at the very top of the best selling EMF protection products sales. That has to say something. Finally, in the case of attenuators, the materials used as well as the size or quantity is always a factor and some are inevitably more effective than others. Well known stones / crystals used for this type of product include gold, shungite and black tourmaline.


Neuturalizers are also a slightly controversial category of EMF protection devices. Some companies claim years of peer reviewed science behind their product, yet still some consumers claim they "do nothing."

Neutralizers make use of other frequencies which counter-act or phase shift the incoherent

frequences of EMFs to make the frequency emitted by the device less harmful to biological life forms. These products work as environment "purifiers." Through the power of the shape, form, composition or capacity of the neutralizer, they work by cleaning, clearing and neutralizing harmful EMFs and re-tuning them into coherent health / life-supporting frequencies. These products often make use of crystalline materials which have been compressed creating a piezoelectric field (a scientifically proven field effect) or programed with neutralizing or homeopathic frequencies.

This class of EMF neutralizers come in various different forms including pyramids. Sometimes they look like a small disc or square that you can stick on the electronic device you want to neutralize, such as a cell phone. Other products in this category look like a regular power adapter that you plug into the wall. The device in question is then plugged into the neutralizer.

At the end of the day, (unless you are sensitive and it is obvious to you whether the EMFs have been neutralized), to be certain that your EMF protection device is working it is recommended to buy your own EMF meter, which will allow you to test your environment for EMFs as well as to confirm the effectiveness of your device.

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