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Orgonite- A Passive Free Energy Device. Its History and Science Explained

Objects made from orgonite function as passive negative ion generators. The materials used in its composition, the way it is made, as well as the object's shape (in the case of pyramids) endow the object unique abilities which it performs due to the peizo -electric effect. So, via the power of peizo-electricity orgonite objects are able to literally "vacuum, purify or neutralize" harmful electromagnetic fields in from the atmosphere in the vicinity of the device. So, orgone energy doen't "block" EMFs, but it does neutralize and clean it up.


Orgonite is a term derived from the original "orgone" coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 1930's.Reich was known as a student of Austrian psycho-analyst Sigmund Freud). During a series of experiments, Dr. Reich discovered that living samples placed within containers made from "alternating layers of steel and non-conductive organic material" were able to harness healthy life-force, "cosmic" or Chi energy from the environment. He called this energy "orgone".

According to Dr. Reich, "orgone was an anti-entropic energy, the underlying creative substrate of all nature". Dr. Reich maintained that blocks or constrictions of the body's flow of orgone (or Chi) energy was the root cause of many dis-eases, including cancer, similar to Freud's theory that that deficits or constrictions in the libido could produce neuroses.

"Orgone was seen as massless and omnipresent but more closely associated with living energy than with inert matter. It could allegedly coalesce to create organization on all scales, from the smallest microscopic units—to macroscopic structures like organisms, clouds, or even galaxies."


One of his inventions were "orgone accumulators," devices which could accumulate, concentrate and then generate orgone energy. Debunked by mainstream science, he used them successfully and observed they had the ability to:

– Preserve blood samples for longer periods of time

– Sprout healthier plant seedlings

– Provided pain relief for his patients who sat inside them.

Fast Forward to Today

Today, we have different problems than were common in the 1930's, not the least of which is our environments are filled with unnatural, stress-inducing, incoherent electromagnetic fields. These life-draining frequencies are emitted from every device we own and from the wiring of our homes. We find ourselves, in today's world, virtually swimming in a sea of electromagnetism that is UNFRIENDLY to living organisms.

Here is where orgonite comes to help us. Orgonite is a substance we can use to literally re-balance and "re-tune" or "clean" our home environments. Orgonite is not only still used today, but it is truly a gift to give yourself to improve your living space.

In modern times, instead of layers of steel and plastic, orgonite is more commonly seen in the form of pyramids, discs or pendants in which metal shavings, stones and crystals are encased and compressed within a matrix such as fiberglass resin. The compression of the resin matrix on the crystals and metals creates a piezo-electric field, which generates and accumulates energy. This is the secret to how orgone has the capacity to recondition or harmonize harmful radiation frequencies into life-supportive ones.

It is by this mechanism of piezo-electricity and the use of high quality metals and crystals that our state of the art orgonite products are created. Our proprietary formula utilizes a composite made from blending iron oxide, steel, brass, shungite and crystal powders which are then compressed in epoxy resin. The end result is an EMF protection device and field harmonizer that is able to transform harmful radiation from: cell towers, smart meters, smartphones, internet router and your television, into beneficial, life enhancing, coherent energy fields that will benefit you, your plants and your pets.

The effects of this scientific phenomenon were replicated and well documented in studies done by the University of Pennsylvania and the Heraclitus Microscopic research laboratory. More information on these studies can be found


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