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Why You have Insomnia and How to Fix It

A discussion of the true cause behind chronic insomnia in our modern world.

The inspiration for this post is in response to a "Pocket" read that loaded onto my Firefox new tab browser page. It was the blog post:

My Deep Sleep Quest: I Tried 11 Popular Insomnia Cures. Do Any of Them Actually Work?

The writer Emma Beddington, writing for the Guardian, examines popular natural sleep remedies -- describing her experience and questioning if any of them actually work.

She's a great writer, and the article is a humorous description of her misadventures in sleep attempts and with popular sleep hacks and remedies. Sounds like nothing worked for her. She concludes the article with:

"So, what’s left? I suppose I could still try a cooling mattress topper, white noise machine or dog’s earwax, which was apparently the Beauty Sleep Hyaluronic Mist of the 16th century. For now, my most restful nights are the ones when I convince myself that it doesn’t really matter. The best medicine, I fear, may be acceptance."

EMF Protection Portal replies:

Dear Emma, you sound like a very sensitive human being.

We are called to offer some suggestions as to possible reasons you cannot sleep and why none of those remedies worked for you.


Your smart meter is pulsing, your router is humming, your refrigerator is buzzing, and your cell phone is screaming. You likely have not put your phone on "airplane" and it may be too close to your bed, heaven forbid next to your head. You cannot sleep because the power-lines are crackling outside your window and the closest cellphone tower is zapping you.

Of the items mentioned, likely the only one you can actually hear is your refrigerator, which is quite enough to keep anyone awake ALL night. (Speaking from experience here!) You also might have a fan going, or an aquarium generator running, humidifier.....? In some homes the "buzz and hum" item list is long.

Aside from the buzzing and humming appliances that one actually CAN hear and can keep one awake, even more sneaky and subversive are the "silent scream" items.... The "sounds" emitting from your router, (WiFi) smart meter, cellphone, and electrical wiring in your house are audible only to your cells.

You see Emma, sound is merely vibration, however our human auditory apparatus only operates in the frequency range of 12 - 28 kHz, (kilohertz) or 12 to 28 thousand cycles per second.

Emma, did you know that your smart meter operates in the 902-928 MHz range? (that's

mega-hertz or a million cycles per second). It also pulses in the radio-frequency microwave range (300 MHz to 3 GHz). (giga hertz= a billion cycles per second)

You see, even though your ears cannot hear those frequencies, your cell membranes can. Every cell in your body is WIDE awake because something is SHOUTING is its tiny "ear". In essence, your entire body is being subtly zapped, electrified by "silent scream" frequencies outside the range of your hearing.

Let's consider a typical night. We go to bed. We think it's quiet. We lie down. We're tired.... really tired--but we can't sleep! Why? Because our cells know it's NOT quiet. Our nervous system is under a high level of stimulation due to the vibration of these inaudible frequencies.

Unfortunately, insomnia is only a symptom and really the tip of the ice burg as far as the effects of EMF radiation. Insomnia is experienced by those sensitive enough to sense the invasive effects of these frequencies.

"Peer reviewed research has demonstrated a myriad of adverse biological effects from wireless radiation including reproductive dysfunction, single- and double-stranded DNA breaks, creation of reactive oxygen species, immune dysfunction, stress protein synthesis in the brain, altered brain development, sleep and memory disturbances, and increased brain tumors"

Other devices and their frequency ranges:

Router: 2.4-5G Hz. (Giga hertz means one BILLION cycles per second).

Cell phone: 3-5 Giga Hertz

Cell phone tower: Radio Frequency (RF):

Radio frequency is any of the electromagnetic wave frequencies that lie in the range extending from below 3 kilohertz to about 300 gigahertz and that include the frequencies used for communication signals (as for radio and television broadcasting and cellphone and satellite transmission) or radar signals. (Definition from

Hmmmm. Maybe it's beginning to make sense as to why insomnia (along with irritability and headaches) are at the very top of the list of symptoms triggered by artificial interference signals: EMF or electro smog.

Fortunately there are some remedies and fixes, but a permanent long term solution would entail removing one's self from the inhospitable environment. (Virtually impossible if you live in a city).

Fix 1)

Ground yourself every day. Get outside and get your feet on the earth.

The book "Earthing" details the health benefits available from simple lifestyle tweaks.

There are also some sleep electrical

hygiene tips which I discuss in this

Video. Also, in this video I discuss tips and products that can help you EMF proof your home which can help you reduce the stress of electrical over stimulation both day and night.

The same tips are discussed in this blog post on this website.

In conclusion, I'm going to suggest a product that was developed specifically to tackle insomnia due to EMF smog.

Fix 2)

The Orgonite Sleeping pod is made to go under your pillow at night or somewhere in your bed. The orgonite passively generates its own local field of smooth and coherent frequencies. The negative ions it generates capture and neutralize the undesirable EMF smog from your immediate area.

So, Emma, if you ever happen to read this blog, please let me know how it goes!

Love, EMF Protection Portal

P.S. For further peer reviewed science on EMF radiation check out:

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