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Of all the EMF transmitting devices in your home, the router is possibly the most hazardous. Of course we need our router to get WiFi! But it tends to generate quite a bit of EMF radiation. What if there was something like a little "blanket" that we could cover the router and make it not so toxic? Well there is! Keep reading to learn about the science proven Faraday cage technology metal mesh cover for your router!

WiFi Emf Protection Router Cover Radiation Shielding Faraday Cage for Router

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This product utilizes the well proven Faraday Cage shielding to prevent your router from emitting harmful EMF frequencies. Manufacturer claims: "99.999% protection across the frequency range of 10MHz to 3GHz and still over 99.6% effectiveness at 5.6GHz."

While there were some negative reviews and comments that it does not work, the Faraday Cage technology is a proven and long standing method (since the 1800s) for blocking frequencies of all kinds. In the case of this Router Cover, it seems important to carefully wrap your entire router in it. It is large enough to accommodate the antennae.

Some reviewers commented that their WiFi didn't work with the Router Cover on it, and experimented to see if they lifted the cover the signal would return. And it did, like magic.

This fact in addition to the disappearance of persistent migraines seemed adequate confirmation of efficacy to this reviewer. Although this product is intended to be used primarily while sleeping and / or not accessing the internet, some users reported they could still connect, only connection was slower.

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