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Your Blood on EMFs: The Rouleaux Effect Explained & Possible Solutions

Ever wonder why you feel like crap after sitting in front of your computer or other device for extended lengths of time? Do you suffer from chronic headaches, chronic inflammatory issues, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue or irritability?

No, it's not "normal", but yes, it can be argued that it's a normal response to living in a highly dysfunctional infrastructure. And you're not "just getting old." Aging, like pregnancy, is not a medical condition. The old adage, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is just as relevant today, if not more so. If one is proactive and observes intelligent self-care habits, it's truly astonishing what can be accomplished in terms of healing, health maintenance and even regeneration.

To quote he Buddha himself, "The suffering that can be avoided should be."

Sure, as we age things may not run as smoothly as when we were 20, but aging is not a "one size fits all" phenomenon but actually an entirely individual one. Self-care and preventative maintenance can play a significant role in determining our base-line health status as we age.

Enter Your Blood:

~Do you know what healthy blood looks like under a microscope?
~Did you know that red blood cells account for 80% of the cells in your body?

Healthy Blood:

~Each red blood cell should more or less round
~Each RBC should be independent, that is, NOT all adhered to its neighbor in stacks resembling coins or slinkies.
~Healthy blood cells have a negative charge and thus are not attracted or stuck on to one another.

Why should you care what your blood looks like? Well, if you feel like crap, chances are your blood looks like crap!

You might learn a lot by being familiar with your own blood. Here are some quick facts that might provide a context.

~1. RBCs supply our tissues with oxygen
~2. RBCs remove waste products
~3. Since red blood cells or RBCs are the most abundant type of cell in the human body, THEIR health status determines our health status.
~4. In other words, if you have healthy, well oxygenated, properly shaped and properly charged RBCs you are likely enjoying robust health status and high natural immunity.

What you might not know:

~1. Proper blood pH is 7.4.
~2. If your diet is it very unhealthy and / or if you are exposed to or intentionally imbibing toxins, your body is forced to take certain actions to maintain balance, such as pulling minerals from your bones to maintain proper blood pH. Not Fun!
~3. Also, cell receptor sites can be become blocked due to toxic diet and exposure to pollutants
~4. It is is our blood itself that dis-ease begins (and can be remediated).

Enter Rouleaux Blood

In the study by Magda Havas, entitled:

"Radiation from wireless technology affects the blood, the heart, and the autonomic nervous system"

Magda Havas proves and has documented the following:

  • Exposure to electrosmog generated by electric, electronic & wireless technology is accelerating to the point that many are experiencing adverse reactions or EHS (electro hypersensitivity)

  • Symptoms or EHS include:

  • rapid aging

  • rouleaux blood formation (increasingly common)

  • Heart palpitations accompanied by pain or pressure in chest & anxiety

  • Sympathetic nervous system upregulation /Parasympathetic nervous system downregulation i.e. "fight or flight"

  • Her study reveals that electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) to electrosmog is physiologic and not psychosomatic

  • Long term sufferers of EHS can develop psychologic problems as a result of inability to work as well as social stigma

from Magda Havas Abstract:

To read the study on the Pub Med page click:

To understand more clearly you can watch her very brief but clear YouTube demonstration:

Problems / Symptoms with Rouleaux formation Blood

The capillaries in our circulatory system are very small, in fact, they are only about 4 microns in diameter. The average RBC or red blood cell is 7-8 microns in diameter, so for capillary circulation to be optimal the RBCs have to pass through single file (i.e. one at a time) as well as be flexible. Obviously, if blood has taken on Rouleaux it is not able to do that, and one can experience the following symptoms:

~Fatigue due to inefficient O2 circulation

~Pains / inflammation due to wastes not being removed well or fast enough

~Circulation problems (in a variety of manifestations)

~More colds and flus

~pre-thrombotic blood

Further, it has been observed in experiments featured in this video featuring interview with Naturopath Caroline Mansfield that Rouleaux blood taken from a patient who had received a recent injection also showed other blood abnormalities including excess fibrin and platelet aggregation. Which are associated with a pre-thombotic situation.

OK....So where is the good news???

"I sit in front of my computer all day and when I'm not doing that I'm texting on my smartphone!"

The good news is there are remedial and preventative measures one can take. Aside from using EMF protection products such as pendants, shields and neutralizers, and orgonite there is revolutionary product that can restore and detox your blood!

It's called CleanSlate by the Root Brand.
Use referral 12D
CleanSlate is a proprietary, patent pending formula that can and will sweep through your system, cleaning up your blood at the nano level and even helping to restore the natural negative charge of your blood (due to its crystalline composition).

CleanSlate is made from zeolite and cliniptololite crystals which are on a nano sized scale. CleanSlate benefits are:

~Reduces inflammation
~Detoxification of metals on the nano scale as well as other environmental pollutants
~Increases cellular nutrient absorption due to removal of wastes from cell receptor sites.

Check out this video for a full explanation of how CleanSlate improves the blood. There are stunning images!

If you choose to purchase CleanSlate, you'll need to enter referral code 12D as you check out.


*CleanSlate is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any dis-ease

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